How to Stay Motivated During Home Isolation

Finding motivation during this tough time might be hard, but we have compiled a list of tips you can use to help yourself keep happy and motivated!

1. Start with something EASY and SMALL!

Convince yourself to start what ever activity it is by starting with something easy and only giving yourself a small hurdle to overcome, and then go from there. For me, I tell myself we will just start with my favourite stretch and see how I go. I always end up continuing on.

2. Have a special spot

Make a designated spot for your activity, clear a space and make it a space you would like to be in during that activity. Just make it as comfy as you can so you can’t have any excuses regarding space.

For my stretching my special spot is a piece of carpet in the lounge room for my stretching, I also try to do a lot of things outside as much as I can as it is very refreshing, For my office work, I make sure that my desk is clean and ready each day with my favourite chair.

3. Schedule & Routine

The most difficult thing a lot of us will be struggling with is being out of routine. A really great way to help this is to schedule your week and create some structure for yourself, schedule in when you plan to wake up each day, when you will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (this will also help with your snacking problems!!). and block out times for specific things you want to get done for the day.

It is more then okay to schedule time for social media and TV, you have to be reasonable with yourself and make a schedule you know you will mostly be able to stick to. Don’t be hard on yourself, it is a tough time.

I have found scheduling the most helpful thing I have done because I am such a routine and structured person, I have to have things written down or my brain goes into overload and I never get anything done and everything seems so much more overwhelming then it needs to be.

If you are someone that prefers to take things day by day, just make a list of your goals for the day and what time you would like to do them, when you wake up each morning. A whiteboard could be really handy for this?


4. Give yourself a WHY! (Favourite Tip!)

Doing stuff you don’t feel like is hard enough as it is, you need to give yourself a why, and not just because it’s good for you, but really convince yourself by finding a way to make it fun or give yourself a reward afterwards.

My “why” for my stretching and strength is that I love, love, love cheerleading music, and during my session I will let myself listen to my cheer music with my ear phones. This is something that excites me as I won’t let myself listen to it any other time until I have done my stretching and strength for the day.

A simple “why” could be saying to yourself, that after I have done X, Y & Z, I will allow myself to eat my Easter chocolate, or I will let myself make a Tik Tok, etc.

You could even add your “why” to your schedule!

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