Cheer4FUN is a class based on making exercise and cheerleading extremely fun, in a relaxed environment. It is a low commitment, team class that focuses on building confidence, character, social connections & awareness, and team work.

This class is best suited for Beginners to Level 1 students.

Class Activities Include:

  • Tumbling – learn flips like forward rolls, cartwheels and sooo much more, using our trampolines (Loganholme ONLY), air floors and obstacle courses.
  • Stunting – learning to trust our friends to lift each other.
  • Fitness – Rope Climbing Competitions and Games to make fitness FUN!
  • Dance & Jumps – Learning our jumps and dance for our performance routine.
  • Routine – learning our routine for our performances below.


  • Show Offs – Infinity Athletics Loganholme – 31st May
  • Showcase – Infinity Athletics Loganholme – 10th December

Performance Outfit:

  • Club T-shirt (part of Membership)
  • White Shoes
  • Infinity Athletics Bow
  • Black Shorts

Loganholme Classes:

  • Mini’s (3-8yrs) Saturday 4pm – 5.30pm

Yarrabilba Classes:

  • Mini (4-8yrs) Tuesday 4pm – 5pm

Cheer4FUN was previously known as Recreation Cheerleading.

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