CheerSPORT is a semi-competitive team that offers athletes access to competitive cheer without the price tag and large commitment. This class focuses on building confidence, character, social connections & awareness, and team work. It also pushes athletes to be their best all the time and to work towards their goals.

  • Tumbling – using trampolines and obstacles to make tumbling fun.
  • Stunting – learning to trust our friends to lift each other.
  • Fitness – Rope Climbing Competitions and Games to make fitness FUN!
  • Dance & Jumps – Learning our jumps and dance for our routine.
  • Routine – 1min 30 second routine that will be competed at two low cost competitions & 2 performances.

Compulsory Performances/Competitions:

  • Show Offs – Infinity Athletics Loganholme
  • Cheerbrandz Eutopia Competition – Sleeman Sports Complex
  • Cheerbrandz Majors Competition – Sleeman Sports Complex
  • Showcase – Infinity Athletics Loganholme

Performance Outfit:

  • CheerSPORT Competition Uniform
  • White Shoes
  • Infinity Athletics Bow

Loganholme Classes:

  • Junior (6yrs – 14yrs) Saturday 4pm – 5.30pm

Yarrabilba Classes:

  • Junior (6yrs – 12yrs) Saturday 11am – 12.30pm
  • Senior (11yrs – 18yrs) Saturday 11am – 12.30pm

CheerSPORT is a revolutionary program in cheerleading designed to make competitive cheerleading fun and less stressful. It aims to encourage kids to stay within the sport for the right reasons and enjoy it without the pressure. The kids still get all the benefits of competitive cheerleading with being able to compete, get dressed up fancy and be
amazing, without having to commit to so many hours a week in the gym and multiple competitions in a year.

CheerSPORT is also designed to be more affordable as it avoids all the extra fees that competitive cheer includes. CheerSPORT still get to have a uniform, however, we will be designing a special CheerSPORT uniform to reduce costs.

Levels have been taken out of CheerSPORT and grades (like school) have been brought in. Grades are based on simple progressions allowing athletes to graduate & grade up every year, staying with the friends they have made in their team. This grading has simplified the current cheer levels, making the sport easier for athletes as well as opening it up to all ages and abilities.

Please fill in the enquiry form by CLICKING HERE for more information and a free trial!

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