Extra Services


One-on-one school tutoring is also available here at Infinity Athletics. Coach Lauren’s previous job was being a school tutor for years prep to 10. She has had vast experience being a school tutor, she is a very multi-talented person. Coach Lauren has helped her past and current students achieve wonderful results. If your child is struggling in school, this is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, just drop them off to cheer early for a tutoring session.


Homework club will be occurring most training days. A timetable is yet to be released. However, homework club is where everyone comes together to help each other with their homework. Coach Lauren will be there to help when needed as well.


Our resident dietitian is a qualified dietitian who has have vast experience working with elite athletes and cheerleaders. She would be a great help to any of our athletes and we strongly recommend making use of her.


We are excited to be able to offer access to a qualified and experience personal trainer, our personal trainer has a passion for cheerleading and knows exactly what is needed in a PT session to succeed in cheerleading.



To book an of these extra services, please email: infinityathleticsqld@gmail.com

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