Why Infinity Athletics?


When becoming a member of Infinity Athletics, you are committing to a lifestyle like no other. A lifestyle where we strongly believe in not only making and developing world class athletes, but also world class human beings.


We take our gym culture very seriously and always make sure absolutely everyone is included and feels loved by their team mates, coaches and other Infinity members. We do not accept poor behaviour on any of our teams or by any of our parents, we stand strong against our morals and will not allow disrespect towards any students or staff members, as our culture and environment is more important to us then keeping a disruptive or disrespectful child or parent.

We pride ourselves on having a gym culture that encourages athletes to be great human beings that also teaches and enforces:

  • Integrity
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • KINDNESS – Extremely important to us

We also hope for our gym to be a home away from home where your child can feel safe and wanted, where they can be a part of a second family that cares for them on a personal level. Infinity Athletics is a place where our athletes can get away from the world and be in a wholesome and caring environment.

Why is Infinity Athletics the right gym for your child?

We strongly believe that we have a strong evolving program that caters for everyone. We have the best year lined up for 2020, with amazing coaches and 5 great programs that will be stronger than ever.

We pride ourselves on the quality, opportunities and life lessons that we offer our loyal families. It doesn’t matter where you have come from or how many skills you have, Infinity Athletics turns the average child into a confident and skilled superstar! You won’t find the level of care, training or opportunities anywhere else, you will go further with Infinity.

Be with a program that is going BIG places!

Infinity Athletics is everything you want your cheerleading gym to be. We take kids, develop and nurture them, and turn them into elite athletes.

  • Fully equipped facility
  • Experienced and caring coaches
  • An experience that is second to none
  • High quality tuition
  • Attention to detail in all area’s of our program
  • Extremely professional and organised
  • A second family that you cannot get anywhere else
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