Why choose the Infinity Family?

When becoming a member of Infinity Athletics, you are committing to a lifestyle like no other. A lifestyle where we strongly believe in not only making and developing world class athletes, but also world class human beings.

Infinity Athletics is everything you want your cheerleading gym to be. We take kids, develop and nurture them, and turn them into elite athletes.

  • Fully equipped facility
  • Experienced and caring coaches
  • An experience that is second to none
  • High quality tuition
  • Attention to detail in all area’s of our program
  • Extremely professional and organised
  • A second family that you cannot get anywhere else


We take our gym culture very seriously and always make sure absolutely everyone is included and feels loved by their team mates, coaches and other Infinity members. Our culture and environment is more important to us then anything else.

We pride ourselves on having a gym culture that encourages athletes to be great human beings that also teaches and enforces:

  • Integrity
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • KINDNESS – Extremely important to us

We also hope for our gym to be a home away from home where your child can feel safe and wanted, where they can be a part of a second family that cares for them on a personal level. Infinity Athletics is a place where our athletes can get away from the world and be in a wholesome and caring environment.

If you feel your family aligned with these values you will slide right into the Infinity Family. 


We have very carefully selected our coaches, as we only allow the best, most caring and most passionate coaches to coach our teams here at Infinity Athletics. 

Head Competitive Coach & Tumbling Coach – Lauren Erickson

  • Level 5 IASF Building & Tumbling Credentials – this permits her to coach World’s Level Teams, which is incredible.
  • Has bought all 3 competitive teams to victory (even through COVID) at the Queensland State Championships in 2020
    • Youth Novice 1st in Queensland
    • Junior 2 2nd in Queensland
    • Open 2 2nd in Queensland
  • Is the most compassionate and caring coach you will ever meet; she puts her athletes first always and goes above and beyond to ensure they are succeeding in every aspect of their life. 

Head Tumbling Coach – Allie Hall

  • Advanced Gymnastics Tumbling Coach able to teach to the highest level of tumbling. 
  • Competed as a Level 9 WAG Gymnast
  • Years of experience in tumbling
  • Amazing knowledge in tumbling – one of the best in Queensland

CheerSPORT, Tumbling & Cheer4FUN Coaches


We have just opened our very own venue with a State of the Art Sprung Floor and heaps of equipment. Our new gym contains:

  • Athlete Lounge
  • Spring Cheerleading Floor – for ultimate safety and the ability to train elite athletes
  • Pro Shop – where you can purchase all of your cheerleading essentials
  • Snack Bar
  • 9m Air Track
  • Coaching Aids – Wedges, mats and other equipment. 

Be with a program going BIG places!

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