8 Week Beginner Coaching Mentorship

This program is designed for potential coaches to dip their toes in the water to see if it is something for them before making the commitment. By the end of this course you should be ready for your ACSA Level 1 Assistants Course and you will be able to apply to be a volunteer assistant coach and able to apply for our Level 1 Coaches Course.

This course could potentially lead to a future coaching career.

What does it take to be an Infinity Coach? Other then the list below of the things we value most, you will find out by doing this program what it really takes, it may surprise you.

Qualities we value in our coaches:

  • Organised and Prompt
  • Good communication
  • Creative
  • Initiative
  • Determined
  • Striving for Perfection Always
  • Passion for Cheerleading
  • Caring and Compassion – able to build strong bonds and connections with athletes to enforce our family and caring culture.

If this sounds like you, then this sounds like the perfect course!


Participants will have to participate in the following activities to complete the course. Please note that this is a free course. You will be mentored in our Workshops by our Head Coach Lauren, who has been involved in cheerleading for 8 years and is credentialed up to level 5.

11th SeptemberApplications Due
18th SeptemberApplicants Notified of Success
Week 2 School Holidays
Tentative Date 28th Sep
Practical Skills Workshop
Wk 1 to 8 Term 48 Weeks of Observing a Class
Wk 1 to 8 Term 4
Thursday 5pm – 6pm
or Monday 5pm – 6pm TBC
8 Weeks of 1hr Workshops
Complete Beginner Coaching Course Manual


As per above participants will need to complete the Beginner Coaching Course Manual which will be worked on in the weekly Workshops. Participants will be required to bring a laptop to the workshops (or at minimum a tablet or iPad). These topics will also be the focus of the week when observing their class.

1MODULE 1: Introduction to Coaching
2MODULE 2: Safety in the Gym
3MODULE 3: Treating Concussions
4MODULE 4: Communicating with Kids
MODULE 5: Breaking Down Skills
5MODULE 6: Teaching Skills
MODULE 7: Effective Warm Ups
6MODULE 8: Designing Circuits
7MODULE 9: Writing Effective Lesson Plans
8MODULE 10: Delivering Parts of Lesson Plans

Please note this course is purely volunteer and does not guarantee a coaching position or acceptance into our Level 1 Coaches Course, it only allows you to apply with a stronger application.

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