Cheer Merchandise

$35.00 – Club T-shirt 

Club Tshirt Design Final

Please contact us to order a shirt. *Excludes “Coach”*.

$115.00 – Nfinity Evolutions (Recommended for BASES – Durable and Practical)


The Evolution is a high-performance competition shoe designed to provide superior flexibility and support during elite stunts. At just 6.5 oz, the form-fitting design provides a “slipper-esque”, ultra lightweight feel. It also features strategically located rubber outsole pods improving the durability in high wear areas without compromising performance.

$95.00 – Nfinity Rival

Nfinity Rival

These featherweight sideline cheerleading shoes keep your feet comfortable when your team needs you most. The Nfinity Rival offers a high spring eva, and easy stunt grip outsole with comfort that will last throughout cheer practice.

$129.00 – Nfinity Vengeance (Recommended for Flyers)

Nfinity Vengance

At only 3.9 oz, Vengeance will forever change the world of cheerleading. If you thought 6 oz was light wait until you feel this! Our most advanced technology was used to ensure a long life for the shoe and a better performance for you. It also features comfort fit cushions in the heel so that the lightweight and durable Vengeance is, of course, cozy. Our most amazing shoe ever has a cutting-edge look complete with signature bubble laces all inside of a black and fire red case, ready for you to take your vengeance.

$139.00 – Nfinity Flyte

Nfinity Flyte

Nfinity FLYTE – The Ultimate Stunt Shoe

You’re on the rise with the Nfinity FLYTE. At only 3.8oz, this shoe is specifically designed for comfort, fit, and the ultimate in stunt performance.

Order Cheerleading Shoes:

We are now accepting orders for shoes, orders must be placed by 7/2/19 and include a $15.00 postage and admin fee. An invoice will be sent to your email once we receive your order.

Shoes Sizing Chart:

Cheer Shoes Sizing Charts.PNG


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