Terms & Conditions

Ready to Train Policy

Participants must be ready to train when they enter the gym floor.

This means:

  1. Participants must be mentally ready to participate
    1. Not crying
    2. Not overly tired/exhausted
    3. In a good mood with a positive attitude. (Bad attitudes will not be tolerated, if an athlete has a bad attitude the Behaviour Management Process will be used).
  1. Participants must be physically ready to participate
    1. Have had afternoon tea (piece of fruit/HEALTHY snack before training) or dinner if an appropriate time.
    2. Hair tied up or out of face
    3. Jewellery removed
    4. Wearing correct attire
  • Infinity Athletics Training Wear or plain black sportswear
  • Cheerleading shoes
    • Competitive team members MUST always be wearing cheer shoes
    • Recreation team members are encouraged to have the correct shoes, however it is not compulsory.
  1. Water bottle full and in hand
  2. Abrasions, blisters, warts and injured limbs must be covered or strapped prior to training.

(Infinity Athletics do not supply first aid supplies unless the injury happens during training).

Participants who are not ready to participate will not be allowed to enter the gym area until the issue has been resolved, please note that if it is not resolved it could result in the athlete not being allowed to participate.


Behaviour Management Process

If the club rules are not followed, an Infinity Athletics staff member will:

  1. Give the participant a verbal warning and a reminder of the club rules.
  2. Place the participant in time out, from the activity is the misbehaviour continues.
  3. If the behaviour poses a serious risk to other participants and Infinity Athletics staff, or misbehaviour is continual then the participant’s parents will be called to collect their child and will receive a written and/or verbal notification regarding the incident.
  4. If the poor behaviour continues as a constant issue in training sessions a parent meeting will be called to discuss the athlete’s position on our teams and within our club.


Participant Code of Conduct

  1. Always show respect to all coaches, judges, officials, other athletes and other cheerleading clubs.
  2. Listen to your coach and follow their instructions.
  3. Respect fellow club members by always providing support and encouragement.
  4. Be a role model to all fellow athletes no matter whether their skill set is higher or lower.
  5. Show good sportsmanship at all times, regardless of the results.
  6. Bullying is never accepted and will not be tolerated.
  7. Derogatory language based on gender, culture or impairment is never accepted and will not be tolerated.
  8. Always train with a positive attitude, to be the best athlete that you can be.
  9. Be punctual to training and competitions.
  10. Take care of the Club’s equipment at all times – we must keep the equipment we currently have in good condition to continue investing into expanding our equipment range.
  11. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the premises or to participate in cheerleading.


Infinity Athletics expects all participants to abide by the clubs Participant Code of Conduct.

If instances of inappropriate behaviour where participants are in breach of the Code, the following action will be taken:

  1. The member will receive a written notification of breach and reminder of Code of Conduct.
  2. The member will need to return the written notification signed upon their next visit to the club.
  3. Multiple breached of Infinity Athletics Policies will be dealt with according to the Membership breach process.


Parent and Spectator Code of Conduct

To ensure that spectators enjoy the sport of cheerleading and behave in a manner that is productive for the participant’s training as well as appropriate when representing Infinity Athletics at all events, the following policy applies:

  1. Respect coaches and officials’ decisions at training and events
  2. Be courteous towards all athletes at both training and competitions – no verbal or physical abuse towards participants or coaches.
  3. Focus on participating, reducing the emphasis on winning.
  4. Encourage children to always play by the rules.
  5. Do not criticize athletes or coaches in front of others, but reserve constructive criticism for more private moments.
  6. Remember children learn from example. Applaud a good routine from all teams.
  7. Set a good example by your own conduct, behaviour and appearance.
  8. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the premises.


Your child’s safety in this gym is our priority.

  1. We have a no viewing policy for all competition teams and silver and above tumbling classes. Parents are asked to respect this policy that has been put in place with the athletes best interest in mind. By not following this rule it is breaching point 1 of the above Code of Conduct.
  2. Remain within the designated viewing areas behind the fence at all times. There is no admittance to the training area unless participating in parent assisted classes.
  3. For the safety of all participants, please refrain from communicating with the athletes and coaches during class times (eg. Calling out to your child or coach over the fence).

Parents are not to interrupt any coaching matters while viewing classes. All coaching matters are to only be handled by the coach in charge. Parents are not to communicate with their child once class has commenced. This is distracting and unsafe for the participants.

  1. Only urgent information regarding your child and the immediate class should be relayed to the coach before class starts. If class has already started, the participant should relay the information to the coach to avoid disrupting other participants learning. All other questions and training information needs to be communicated via email or call our office 11am – 3pm weekdays.
  2. Please understand that coaches cannot speak to parents after class as they often have a class following the class that just ended, please understand they have a responsibility to look after many athletes and conversations with parents hinder participants learning and safety. If you would like to speak to a coach please contact us to organise an appropriate meeting time.
  3. Please trust the coaches, all of our coaches have your child’s best interest in mind at all times. If athletes are changed positions or routines have been altered please remember we try to challenge and allow every athlete to excel, we always also have the team in mind and for us to have successful teams, athletes may sometimes need to compromise to achieve the best results.

The viewing policy is in place for the following reasons:

  1. Children can be distracted by parents watching them and lose concentration.
  2. This distraction and lack of concentration can lead to athletes being in danger whilst doing their skills.
  3. Children feel a need to perform for their parents.
  4. Parents do not see an improvement in their children if they are watching all the time.


At Infinity Athletics, we want to ensure the safety of all our members. Therefore it is important that all members must be accompanied into and out of the building by a parent or guardian. We encourage members not to loiter in the car park area. In the event that a member has not been picked up at the end of class, they MUST wait on the chairs in the viewing area and notify their coach. Please notify the club if you are going to more than 5 minutes late for pick up (please text the club phone – 0452547300). Also, please notify the club if someone different will be picking your child up (please text the club phone – 0452547300). It is the parents responsibility to ensure their child understands this policy.


Infinity Athletics expects all parents/guardians/spectators to abide by the Club’s Viewing Policy.

In instances of inappropriate behaviour where parents or spectators are in breach of the Code the following actions will be taken:

  1. The spectator will receive a verbal warning and may be requested to leave the premises.
  2. The spectator will receive a written notification of the breach and a reminder of the Code of Behaviour.
  3. The Spectator will need to return the written notification signed upon the next visit to the club.
  4. Multiple breaches of Infinity Athletics Policies will be dealt with according to the Membership breach process.

Attendance Policy

Due to cheerleading being a team sport it is extremely important that students attend classes. Attendance is important due to the nature of a routine and stunting, a routine and stunts cannot be run with just one athlete missing, this one absence lets down the entire team and limits the class for the entire lesson.

Please note if you fail to inform us of an athlete’s absence, their position on an Infinity Athletics team may be reconsidered or replaced. No refunds will be given for missed classes.

We kindly ask that you please use an alternative punishment, as threats of pulling an athlete out of training for an incident outside of the gym are not to be used as you are then punishing the entire team.

ABSENCES WITH NOTICE:                                          


We expect all athletes that accept their position on a competitive team to take their attendance very seriously in order to succeed and progress. We understand sometimes things may be booked in advance, there may be a school camp or a school event, however, you MUST give us a minimum of 5 weeks’ notice and submit an “Absence Request Form”, to avoid disadvantaging other athletes on the team, a list of acceptable and unacceptable absences is provided below. Under no circumstance is it acceptable to miss timetabled team training sessions two weeks before a competition. You are given a large amount of notice as to when competitions are so it is the athletes responsibility to ensure when committing to a team they are available. If the minimum of 5 weeks is not provided, absences occur too often (more than once a term) or an absence occurs two weeks before a competition the athlete’s position on the team may be reconsidered as we cannot disadvantage other athletes that have good attendance. All athletes that require an absence from a team training must filling in an “Absence Request Form” found in Appendix A, 5 weeks prior to the absence, the results of the request will be processed within 1-5 business days.

Table 1: Absences Explained

Acceptable Absences

(with 5 weeks’ notice & not 2 weeks before a competition)

Unacceptable Absences
School Camp (a letter from the school must be provided) Birthday parties
Pre-Booked Family Holiday (must have been booked before signing this document) Socialising
School Event (a letter from the school must be provided) Homework/Assignments

(when committing to a team athletes are expected to be organised enough to ensure their homework is done – we to offer homework club services so this is absolutely not an acceptable excuse).


NON-TEAM CLASSES (Tumble, stunt, strength & flexibility classes)

Non-Team Classes require 4 weeks’ notice of an absence, this is just a curtesy requirement. Non-team classes may be missed but no refund will be made, however, to allow us to have competitive teams athletes must make an effort to attend all required classes. If continuous absences occur in non-team classes, the athlete’s position on their competitive team may be reconsidered, this could also result in them being moved down a level. All competitive athletes must be enrolled in a tumble, flex and strength class.


COMPETITION TEAM CLASSES                                                          

Athletes will still be expected to attend class with an illness or injury, however they may be offered the option to sit out and watch if deemed necessary. An illness or injury is not an acceptable excuse for absence as all athletes are expected to attend team trainings in order not to miss any important changes to routines. If an athlete is too sick or injured to participate in a team class they MUST have a medical certificate. If a medical certificate cannot be obtained prior to the commencement of a class, the parent of the athlete MUST inform the coach of the injury or illness and provide a medical certificate within 5 days of the classes date. Please call or email us as soon as possible before class, to inform us of the injury or sickness so we can alter lesson plans to suit the missing athlete. If an athlete has not got a medical certificate or a parent has not contacted Infinity Athletics, the athlete will be expected to train.

Table 2: Emergency Absences Explained

Acceptable Absences

(must provide a medical certificate)

Unacceptable Absences
The athlete is in hospital Cold or Flu
The athlete has a contagious illness

(a medical certificate must be provided that states they are contagious)

Any injury
The athlete has a condition that causes them to vomit continuously (a medical certificate must be provided that states they have a condition that causes continuous vomiting). Too tired

 NON-TEAM CLASSES (Tumble, stunt, strength & flexibility classes)

All athletes will be expected to train unless we are provided with a medical certificate or a parent has contacted us. If an athlete is absent due to injury, family emergency or illness please contact us as soon as possible out of curtesy so we don’t hold up the class waiting for you/your child.


In case of an emergency such as a family death, although a terrible event please notify Infinity Athletics that the athlete will not be attending class as soon as possible to allow us time to alter lesson plans.

Fees Policy


Infinity Athletics is committed to providing an up-to-date facility with the highest quality equipment and services. To achieve these objectives, the club must implement fees and charges for its services and facilities.


This policy serves to cover all fee development, invoicing, collection and receipting for Infinity Athletics.


Members are responsible for payment of all fees owed to Infinity Athletics as per the rules outlined in this policy.


2019 Jan – Dec: Recreation Athlete – $94.00

(*$59 if the athlete already has a shirt)


Athletes Insurance 2019 ($40), Club T-Shirt ($35)*, Music Licensing ($9) & Choreography for Recreation Teams ($10).


$59.00 – BEFORE Second Lesson

$35.00 – Due Start of Week 5 Term 1 (or $0 without shirt)

2019 Jan – Dec: Competitive Team Athlete Package – $164.00

(*$129 if the athlete already has a shirt)


Athletes Insurance 2019 ($40), AASCF Insurance & Membership 2019 ($15), Club T-Shirt ($35)*, Routine Custom Music ($55), Music Licensing ($9), & Choreography ($10).


$40.00 – Acceptance of Team Offer (21/12/18)

$60.00 – BEFORE First Lesson of Team Training

$64.00 – Due Start of Week 5 Term 1 (or $29 without shirt)


The annual membership fees are to be paid by the date on your invoice.

These fees are not included in the Term Fee structure and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If signing up after these dates, 60% of the fee is due before the second lesson and the remaining 40% is due 5 weeks after their start date.


Invoices are issued for Term training fees, competition fees and required uniforms. All invoices will be sent at a minimum of two weeks prior to the due date.

The full term is charged when the member commences within the 1st week of term. A pro rata fee is charged thereafter. Term Fees are based on the number of weeks in the term and are calculated on the number of hours training per week.

Classes are not held on public holidays however they will be changed to our alternate public holiday timetable, these changes of days can be found in your team offer document.

Term fee payments are NON-REFUNDABLE for a change of mind or absence. Refunds may only be issued for exceptional circumstances outlined under “Refund Policy” on page 13.


All payments can be made online via PayPal or Internet Banking.

Our invoices include a link to the PayPal payment portal as well as Internet Banking details.

Please note that PayPal transactions include a fee of 2.6% + 30c, this fee is calculated and added to all invoices. If you choose to pay via Internet Banking, please deduct this fee from your invoices total.

All fees are to be paid by the due date, if you are using internet banking please ensure you transfer the money prior to the due date to ensure it is in our account by the due date to avoid late fees.


Infinity Athletics is privately owned and relies upon the timely payment of fees in order to operate efficiently.

Fees must be paid in full by the due date. Arrangements can be made in advance by emailing us. A payment plan of 3 payments per term due in week 2, 4 & 6 can be arranged if needed. Other options are also available, however, please contact us well in advance to ensure you can have the most convenient options.

If fees have not been received by the due date, the following course of action will occur:

  1. A Late Fee’s invoice will be issued which may include the addition of a $10.00 late payment fee and the member will be unable to train whilst fees are outstanding.
  2. Late fees invoice must be paid in full within 7 days of receiving the invoice.
  3. In the event of Non-Payment, the account will be placed in the hands of our debt collection agency.


If a person requires admin that is out of regular administration duties, admin charges maybe be incurred and invoiced.

$60/hour will be charged with a minimum fee of $60 per consultation/email/phone call/text message.

Regular Administration Duties Include:

  • Replying to new enquiries
  • Replying to members questions

Non-Regular Administration Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Reading, replying to or dealing with abusive, threatening or demanding, emails, phone calls, text messages, face to face encounters or letter.

If you have concerns and can contact us in a civil, polite and professional manner, these charges should be easily avoided.

Refund Policy


Class Cancellation:

If a class is cancelled by the club, a make-up class will be offered or the class will be rescheduled.

If a class is not rescheduled or a make up is not offered by the club a credit will be offered.

Acceptable Absences:

No refunds will be issued however, an application for a credit of refund may be submitted in writing to the club director if illness or injury extends for more than two weeks. Any such claim must be accompanied with a medical certificate. In case of injury, the athlete may need to produce a written clearance to continue training by a doctor. More details on acceptable absences can be found on page 9 & 10. If you are unable to attend your class to inform your coach please text or email us as soon as possible.

Unacceptable Absences:

Inability to attend due to an unacceptable absence during scheduled class will not entitle the family to a refund or credit at any time. More details on unacceptable absences can be found on page 9 & 10. If you are unable to attend your class to inform your coach please text or email us as soon as possible.

Ceasing at our request:

If the club discontinues a program the members’ term fees account will be given a pro rata adjusted credit or refund for the balance of fees.

If the club withdraws a position, or requests a member be removed from a program, all fees paid will be forfeited and their account must be settled within 10 working days. The club has a right to remove a member from our program at any time.

Voluntary Withdrawal:

Change of mind refunds are not an acceptable excuse for a refund.


No refunds or credit will be given for merchandise or clothing purchased in the club due to most being ordered to size, unless the item breaches the Australian Consumer Laws.


Voluntary Withdrawal: Change of mind refunds are not an acceptable excuse for a refund.

Involuntary Withdrawal: If the club withdraws a position, or requests a member be removed from a program, all fees paid will be forfeited.

Sickness/Medical/Injury: Refunds for medical purposes are up to the discretion of the event provider.

Admin Fee: Admin Fees are non-refundable as admin is completed by sending an invoice, accepting payment for the invoice, arranging entries, arranging refunds, etc.


Voluntary Withdrawal: Change of mind refunds are not an acceptable excuse for a refund.

Terminated Membership: We reserve the right to terminate a membership at anytime, if a membership is terminated, all memberships fees will be forfeited.


Membership Breach Policy

Infinity Athletics has created its policy and procedures to ensure the safety of our members and sooth operations of the club. We expect all members to have read these policies and abide by them to retain their membership with the club. In the event that these policies are breached, the following course of action will be taken:

  1. The member will receive a written notification of the breach.
  2. The member will need to return the written notification signed upon their next visit to the club.
  3. Multiple breaches of any Infinity Athletics Policies will result in the Director of the Club calling a meeting with the member and/or their parents to rectify the issues and determine if membership should continue.
  4. If no resolution can be found from a multiple breach of Membership meeting, then the club reserves the right to terminate the membership and the member will forfeit all fees paid.

Infinity Athletics reserves the right to terminate membership at anytime.


Social Media Policy


Social media is changing the way we communicate and is now integrated into most people’s everyday lives. Infinity Athletics recognises the importance of electronic communications and social media as it is easier to share ideas, information and experiences, however it is also important to protect the privacy, confidentiality and interests of all involved with Infinity Athletics and it is critical to have policy guidance where minors are involved.

This policy has been developed to inform our community about using social media, so people feel enabled to participate, while being mindful of their responsibilities and obligations. This policy provides practical guidance allowing all parties to benefit from the use of social media, while minimising potential risks and protecting those involved.

This policy assists to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in all online activities related to Cheer Sport in Australia.

This policy contains Infinity Athletics guidelines for our community to engage in social media use. It also includes details for breaches of the policy.  In circumstances where guidance about social media issues has not been given in this policy, we suggest you use common sense or seek out advice from those who have approved this policy.

These guidelines will be made easily available on Infinity Athletics’ social media pages. For example, a pinned post on our Facebook page.

  1. SCOPE

Social media refers to any online tools or functions that allow people to communicate and/or share content via the internet.

This social media policy applies to platforms including, but not limited to:

  • Social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Yammer, etc)
  • Video and photo sharing websites or apps (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, Vine, etc)
  • Blogs and micro-blogging platforms (e.g. Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, etc)
  • Review sites (e.g. Yelp, Urban Spoon, etc)
  • Live broadcasting apps (e.g. Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Mentions, etc)
  • Podcasting (e.g. iTunes, Stitcher, Sound cloud, etc)
  • Geo-spatial tagging (e.g. Foursquare, etc)
  • Online encyclopaedias (e.g. Wikipedia, etc.)
  • Instant messaging (e.g. SMS, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, etc)
  • Online multiplayer gaming platforms (e.g. World of Warcraft, Second life, Xbox Live, etc)
  • Online voting or polls
  • Public and private online forums and discussion boards
  • Any other online technologies that allow individual users to upload and share content.



This policy is applicable to all persons who are using social media platforms with reference to Cheer Sport and involved with Infinity Athletics, whether they are in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity and including:

  • persons appointed or elected Infinity Athletics boards, committees and sub-committees
  • employees of Infinity Athletics
  • Infinity Athletics full and associate members, including life members
  • athletes, coaches, officials and other personnel participating in events and activities, including camps and training sessions, held by Infinity Athletics or sanctioned by ACSA and
  • Infinity Athletics athletes’ family members and any other friends/supporters


NOTE: This policy does not apply to the personal use of social media where it is not related to or there is no reference to Cheer Sport, Infinity Athletics, or its business, competitions, teams, participants, products, services, events, sponsors, members or reputation.  However, any misuse of social media in a manner that does not directly refer to Infinity Athletics still be regulated by other policies, rules or regulations of Infinity Athletics.


All persons involved with Infinity Athletics at any level including the athlete’s family are responsible for the content of their communication. All individuals listed under the policy coverage above have a responsibility to ensure that;

  • Communications do not cause damage to Infinity Athletics, its interests or the reputation of the wider Cheer Sport community
  • Information about Infinity Athletics services and products are accurate
  • Inappropriate or unlawful content online relating to Infinity Athletics in breach of this policy is reported to the Owner of Infinity Athletics.
  • Logos and trademarks are only used with permission from Infinity Athletics
  • Permission is sought from the relevant parties before creating an official social media account relating to Infinity Athletics

As a part of the Infinity Athletics community you are an extension of our brand and the wider reputation of Cheer Sport in Australia.

As such, the boundaries between when you are representing yourself and when you are representing Infinity Athletics can often be blurred. This becomes even more of an issue as you increase your profile or position or affiliation with Infinity Athletics. Therefore, it is important that you always represent both yourself and Infinity Athletics appropriately online.


You must adhere to the following guidelines when using social media related to Infinity Athletics or its business, products, competitions, teams, participants, services, events, sponsors, members or reputation. The web is not anonymous, remember, if you are online, you are on the record—much of the content posted online is public and searchable.  You should assume that all information posted online can be traced back to you. You are accountable for your actions both on and offline, including the information you post via your personal social media accounts.

  1. Use common sense
  • If you are unsure if the content you wish to share is appropriate, seek advice from others or refrain from sharing to be on the safe side
  • Remember when posting that the lines between public, private, personal and professional can be blurred you are a representative of Infinity Athletics and cheer sport in Australia.


  1. Honesty
    • Do not say anything that is dishonest, untrue or misleading. Check the source and the facts before uploading or posting anything.
    • Infinity Athletics recommends erring on the side of caution – if in doubt, do not post or upload.
    • Do not post anonymously, using pseudonyms or false screen names. Use your real name, be clear about who you are and disclose any affiliations, vested interests, endorsements or recommendations.


  1. Dealing with mistakes
    • If you make an error while posting on social media, be up front about the mistake and address it quickly. If someone accuses you of posting something improper (such as their copyrighted material or a defamatory comment about them), address it promptly and appropriately and if necessary, seek legal advice.


  1. Discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying

The public in general, and Infinity Athletics employees and members, reflect a diverse set of customs, values and points of view.

  • You must not post any material that is offensive, harassing, discriminatory, embarrassing, intimidating, sexually explicit, bullying, hateful, racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate.
  • When using social media, you should be mindful of Infinity Athletics communication, values and relevant policies found in our Cheer Bible document.


  1. Protecting your privacy
    • Be smart about protecting yours and others privacy, particularly keeping in mind applicable child safe standards.
    • Refrain from posting any content online that you would not be happy for the public to see (even if you are posting privately)
    • Be cautious about disclosing personal details and where possible set accounts to limit public access.


  1. Respect confidentiality and sensitivity
    When using social media;

    • you must maintain the privacy of Infinity Athletics confidential information online. This includes information that is not publicly accessible, widely known, or not expected to be shared outside of Infinity Athletics
    • it is acceptable to talk about Infinity Athletics and have a dialogue with your community, but it is not okay to publish Infinity Athletics’ confidential information. Confidential information includes things such as details about litigation, and unpublished details about us e.g. team, coaching practices, financial information. Please note that a good way to reference what is and isn’t confidential is by seeing if we have posted the information on one of our public platforms such as our website or Facebook pages, if the information is not available on one of these platforms it is more than likely confidential. Please check with us if in doubt.
    • you should be considerate to others and should not post information when you have been asked not to, or where consent has not been sought and given. You must also remove information about another person if that person asks you to do so.
    • permission should always be sought if the use or publication of information is not incidental, but directly related to an individual. This is particularly relevant to publishing any information regarding minors. In such circumstances, parental or guardian consent is mandatory.
  2. Gaining permission when publishing a person’s identifiable image
    • You must obtain express permission from an individual to use a direct, clearly identifiable image of that person.
    • You should also refrain from posting any information or photos of a sensitive nature. This could include accidents, incidents or controversial behaviour.
    • In every instance, you need to have consent of the owner of copyright in the image.


  1. Avoiding controversial issues
    • Within the scope of your authorisation with Infinity Athletics if you see misrepresentations made about Infinity Athletics in the media, you may point that out to the Owner of Infinity Athletics.
    • Always do so with respect and with the facts. If you speak about others, make sure what you say is based on fact and does not discredit or belittle that party.


  1. Complying with applicable laws
    • Do not post or link to content that contains illegal or indecent content, including defamatory, vilifying or misleading and deceptive content.
    • Always follow the terms and conditions for any third-party sites in which you participate.
    • You must comply with the laws governing copyright in relation to material owned by others and Infinity Athletics own copyrights and brands.


  1. Use of disclaimers
    • Where practical, include a disclaimer stating who you work for or are affiliated with (e.g. member of Infinity Athletics) and that anything you publish is your personal opinion and that you are not speaking officially.
    • This is good practice and is encouraged, but don’t count on it to avoid trouble -– it may not have legal effect.


  1. Branding and intellectual property of Infinity Athletics
    • You must not use any of Infinity Athletics’ intellectual property or imagery on your personal social media without prior approval from Infinity Athletics.
    • Infinity Athletics’ intellectual property includes but is not limited to trademarks, logos, slogans, imagery which has been posted on Infinity Athletics official social media sites or website.
    • You must not create either an official or unofficial Infinity Athletics presence using the organisation’s trademarks or name without prior approval from Infinity Athletics.
    • You must not imply that you are authorised to speak on behalf of Infinity Athletics unless you have been given official authorisation to do so Infinity Athletics.
    • Where permission has been granted to create or administer an official social media presence for Infinity Athletics, you must adhere to the Infinity Athletics Branding Guidelines.

Keep in mind that what you publish is your responsibility, and failure to abide by these guidelines could hinder your affiliation/membership with Infinity Athletics.

  1. Group Chats

We take no responsibility for all group chats. Our only official means of communication are through our Facebook group “Infinity Athletics Members”, through our direct email, phone or official social media pages.

 Guidelines for Infinity Athletics representatives

Owners, coaches and other adult members of Infinity Athletics are prohibited from having participants joined to or connected through their personal social media accounts or applications, e.g. Facebook and Instagram.

To facilitate communication, Infinity Athletics has chosen to set up official pages/team pages that athletes and parents may join (e.g. friend, follow or like) and coaches can communicate to athletes and parents through that page or site.

Infinity Athletics will ensure that all electronic communication of any kind between coach and athlete will be non-personal in nature and only used for communicating necessary information related to the team or Infinity Athletics.

  • Personal Social Media Sites

Any adults affiliated with Infinity Athletics may have a personal social media page or site abiding by the following restrictions

  • May not invite or allow athlete to friend/follow or join a personal social media account/site or similar online community
  • May not private or instant message athletes
  • Must inform parents and athletes that the above is not permitted at Infinity Athletics
  • It is highly recommended that adults affiliated with Infinity Athletics make their pages “private” to restrict athlete access


  • Reasonable Use
    • Employees/volunteers/contractors of Infinity Athletics, must ensure that personal use of social media does not interfere with work commitments or productivity.

1.   Policy Breaches

Individuals or organisations publishing false or misleading comments about another person or organisation may be liable for defamation.

Breaches of this policy include but are not limited to:

  • Posting or sharing material that brings, or risks bringing Infinity Athletics, its affiliates, its sport, its officials, members or sponsors into disrepute. In this context, bringing a person or organisation into disrepute is to lower the reputation of that person or organisation in the eyes of the ordinary members of the public.
  • Using Infinity Athletics name, motto, crest and/or logo in a way that would result in a negative impact for the organisation, gym/studios and/or its members.
  • Posting or sharing any content that is abusive, harassing, threatening, demeaning, defamatory or libellous.
  • Posting or sharing any content that includes insulting, obscene, offensive, provocative or hateful language.
  • Posting or sharing any content, which if said in person during an event or competition would result in a breach of the competition rules.
  • Posting or sharing any content in breach of Infinity Athletics policies as found in the Cheer Bible document.
  • Posting or sharing any content that is a breach of any state or Commonwealth law.
  • Posting or sharing any material to social media channels that infringes the intellectual property rights of others.

2.   Reporting a Breach

If you notice inappropriate or unlawful content online relating to Infinity Athletics or any of its members, or content that may otherwise have been published in breach of this policy, you should report the circumstances immediately to a head coach or the gym owner at Infinity Athletics.

3.   Investigation

Alleged breaches of this social media policy may be investigated according to Infinity Athletics policies.

Where it is considered necessary, Infinity Athletics may report a breach of this social media policy to police.

4.   Disciplinary Process and Consequences

Depending on the circumstances, breaches of this policy may be dealt with in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Participant Code of Conduct or Parent and Spectator Code of Conduct as found in the Cheer Bible document.

Employees of Infinity Athletics who breach this policy may face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment in accordance with Infinity Athletics employment policy.

Other legal considerations that may be applicable include but are not limited to:

  • Defamation
  • Intellectual property laws, including copyright and trade mark laws, Privacy, confidentiality and information security laws
  • Anti-discrimination laws
  • Employment laws
  • Advertising standards
  • Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006
  • Information Privacy Act 2000
  • Equal opportunity laws
  • Contempt of Court
  • Gaming laws


Terms & Conditions of Participation

These terms and conditions are accepted when participating in classes and activities at Infinity Athletics.


By participating in activities and classes at Infinity Athletics I agree to allow Infinity Athletics to administer first aid and acquire emergency medical assistance to myself/my child if deemed necessary by the head coach. I also agree to release Infinity Athletics from all bills/medical/legal fees and the like incurred from any injuries obtained from the participation in cheerleading (including ambulance fees). I am also aware that although Infinity Athletics try to mitigate all injuries and provide a safe environment for all cheerleading classes, I understand that cheerleading is a high risk sport and can result in temporary injury, permanent injury or death.


By participating in activities and classes at Infinity Athletics you release images and videos acquired by Infinity Athletics to be used for the advertising purposes at Infinity Athletics discretion and for the images to be used by its affiliates. These can include, but are not limited to; social media posts/advertisements, the Infinity Athletics & affiliates website and promotional materials (such as; flyers, business cards, banners, t-shirts, etc).


By participating in activities and classes at Infinity Athletics you confirm that you have read through our most recent Membership and Club Policy Handbook and will keep up to date reading new copies of the document throughout the term of my/my child’s membership at Infinity Athletics. By participating in activities and classes at Infinity Athletics you also agree to all policies, terms, conditions and procedures within the handbook, especially our Privacy, Attendance & Fees Policies.


By participating in activities and classes at Infinity Athletics you agree for us to share the information that you provide to us with other parties that coincide with the running of our business. These parties include, but are not limited to; event providers, photographers, staff members and debt collectors in case of unpaid fees.


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