“My daughter has been cheerleading for 6 years now. She lives, eats and breathes cheerleading. She has come further in this year than she had in the previous 5. Lauren as a coach has provided Bianca with feedback and encouragement which gave her the confidence to step outside her comfort zone. This allowed her to grow into the athlete she is today. Bianca loves Lauren and is filled with pride when Lauren tells her she has done a great job. This year Bianca has made friends with every single one of her team mates and looks forward to her future in this sport.” – Alyssa (Parent) Oct 2019

“Would I recommend someone to Infinity Athletics? Without a doubt. I knew my daughter would enjoy the fancy costumes, the hair, bows, make up and performing and I assumed she would make some new friends but what I didn’t know is that she would also learn what it means to be in a team, resilience, how to encourage others, persistence, how to lose gracefully, how to do your best and be proud of your best, to have goals and work towards them, and she now has an idol from the senior team to look up to and she is only 8 years old. The coaches are amazing with the kids and really help them to reach their goals and the communication is very professional and to top it off competitions are so much fun. My daughter loves being a cheerleader and I love being a cheer mum and we wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Michele (Parent) Oct 2019

“Such a beautiful, friendly club with amazing values and skills to match. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Eryn (Parent) Feb 2019 (5/5 stars)

“Just started my first cheer season at Infinity and I love it so far. The coaches want to see us improve and reach for our goals. I am an adult who has joined the sport very late in the game but I love how they want to help me skill up and make the most of my time in the game.” – Sharleigh (Athlete) Jan 2019 (5/5 stars)

“Absolutely love Infinity Athletics!! The environment, staff and teams are all so supportive, making it just like a second family. Multiple opportunities are provided which allow you to develop as a team mate and an athlete!” – Olivia (Athlete) Dec 2018. (5/5 stars)


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